Long Term Care Insurance

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Kiplinger's 4 Quick Tips LTC Planning

Planning guide for consumers produced by Kiplinger magazine. Provides four handy tips for LTCi planning.

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2016 Tax Information on LTCi

Help your clients take advantage of a key aspect of Long Term Care Insurance - tax deductions. Share this brochure...

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LifeSecure LTC II with Shareability Option an Easy Sell

Get an overview of LifeSecure as a company and the products they offer.

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Essentials of Long Term Care Planning Guide

The Essentials of Long Term Care Planning guide was created by the 3in4 Association and is the backbone of the 3in...

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LTCi Paying For Modern Day Caregiving Technology

Advances in technology have spurred the creation of technology-driven tools that enhance care giving support. Inte...


The FlexPlus Annuity

Need Guaranteed Issue LTC? The FlexPlus Plan from GILICO can help. FlexPlus is an ideal solution for those seekin...

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Get to Know AnnuiCare® from GILICO

AnnuiCare® is a guaranteed tax-deferred annuity that also provides Tax Qualified Long-Term Care coverage. The Long...

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Critical Care - Long Term Care Combined with Critical Illness

Do you sell LTCi? If so, you are well aware of the decline issues hurting your sales. Fortunately, there is a solu...

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Long Term Care Insurance Sales Quick Reference Guide

There's a lot to long term care insurance sales. We've boiled down the key points in this one page quick reference...


Learn About Critical Cash

There are two key challenges to Long Term Care insurance sales today: affordability and getting policies issued. M...


2016 Study: The Cost of Long Term Care Services

Mutual of Omaha’s Cost-of-Care Study is based on data collected by Long-Term Care Group (LTCG), a leading provider...


Learn About the Home Health Care Product That's Changing the Market

Our Home Health Care sales are booming right now. If you sell Long Term Care insurance, this product will help you...

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Revolutionary Approach to the Chronic Illness Problem

Learn about a new, refreshing approach to solving the chronic illness problem. It is easy because it is simple and...

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Of People Who Don't Buy LTCi... 86% Say They'd Consider It If Just One Thing Were Changed.

Have you ever sold Long Term Care Insurance? It can be a great business, but many agents are missing out on sales....

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New Single Pay Life/LTCi

More Long Term Care Benefits Per Premium Dollar than the Leading Carrier. You owe it to yourself and your clients ...

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Long Term Care Insurance: 6 Ideas to Increase Sales 600%

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The Revolutionary New Approach to LTC

Simply Put: Long Term Care Insurance Matters. But the traditional sales approach and product suite isn't meeting t...

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Long Term Care Awareness Month Marketing Materials

Lack of planning for long term care is a real issue that affects the retirement of many Americans. Long Term Care ...

Disability Insurance

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Sick Pay Plus from Combined Insurance

No one plans on getting sick or injured. SickPay Plus pays you cash if you can’t work due to injury or illness for up to six full months, and coverage begins the first day you can’t work.