Get to Know AnnuiCare® from GILICO


AnnuiCare® is a guaranteed tax-deferred annuity that also provides Tax Qualified Long-Term Care coverage. The Long-Term Care coverage is equal to three times the value of your annuity at a fraction of the cost of traditional Long-Term Care insurance. The Long-Term Care premiums are conveniently paid from the annuity’s value so there are no large, out-of-pocket premiums.

  • New single premium LTCi plan
  • No medical records or exams
  • Covers all types of LTCi

AnnuiCare is a traditional fixed rate, non-qualified annuity enhanced with tax-qualified long-term care rider benefits. Premiums for long-term care coverage are withdrawn from the annuity each month. When a claim occurs, the Insured's current annuity Accumulation Value determines the Daily Maximum and the Benefit Limit.

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