Essentials of Long Term Care Planning Guide

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The Essentials of Long Term Care Planning guide was created by the 3in4 Association and is the backbone of the 3in4 Need More campaign, which is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of planning for ones long term care needs. The 3in4 Association (3in4) operates as a nonprofit 501C (6) corporation and the 3in4 Need More campaign is a public service of the 3in4 Association.

  • Educates on multiple of products, services and programs that should be considered when forming a long term care plan.
  • Can be used as a fulfillment item in a lead generation campaign..
  • Great material to offer on website or provide via email to prospects .

Fpr agents that sell LTCi, CI, Annuities, reverse mortgages, life insurance, home care services, etc.

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