Insurance Email Marketing Toolkit

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UPDATED FOR 2015! Get the tools you need to generate sales through email free. Email marketing may be the most underutilized marketing strategy available to insurance agents. Despite being cost effective, proven to produce results, and perfect for up-selling and cross selling, many agents simply don’t put an email marketing plan in place. With this Toolkit, we hope to change this. In this resource, you will find everything you need to launch an email marketing campaign, right down to pre-written emails that are ready to be customized and sent out.

  • Learn effective email marketing techniques
  • Receive pre-written prospecting messages
  • Get handy sales and support emails

Learn exactly how to create successful email marketing campaigns, grow your list, and make sales. Take advantage of our ready-to-send prospecting emails and start generating leads today. Streamline your sales and customer support process with our customer email templates.

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