Welcome and thank you for taking the first step toward integrating Critical Illness insurance into your insurance practice. Critical Illness insurance presents you with a tremendous opportunity to help your existing clients, find new clients and increase your income. We've worked hard to prepare everything you need to start selling CI fast and organized it into this jumpstart kit.

Truth be told, we have helped agents earn over $1 Billion by selling products we’ve created.  We believe that Critical Illness is the best opportunity yet.

Why use this Jumpstart kit?

After training over 50,000 agents on how to sell new insurance products we understand what you need to get started.  No one wants to be unprepared in front of a client The Jumpstart Kit will provide you with the background on why this product was created, why clients need critical illness insurance regardless of what insurance they may have currently and how to present the product and fill out the application.  If you are currently selling life, health, employee benefits, DI, LTC or senior products we can help you be successful at selling critical illness and benefit from a LIFETIME of renewal income.

Good for your customers and good for you.

As you learn about CI, you will see just how agent friendly and in turn consumer friendly the CI market is. As an agent selling CI, you will find a wide open market. There's a growing demand and even more important, you will be offering a product to your customers that meets their needs. Critical illness fills the gap found in Long Term Care Insurance, Health Insurance and Life Policies.

We are here to make you successful.

We've worked hard to give you all of the resources you need to start selling. We'll also work hard to support you in your sales efforts. If you need anything at all please give us a call at (800) 672-7202. We're here to help you be successful.

All the best,

John Wane


American Independent Marketing